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Gift List: Gifts for Grandparents

I find the grandparents on our list to be the toughest.  They aren’t like the grandparents that I remember (who seemed like they were eighty years old the whole time I knew them); they are spry and have active lives.  They have everything they could (ever) want or need.
When I think of gifts for grandparents, I try to be practical.  Maybe a tote bag, pajamas, or slippers for overnight stays with the grandchildren.  Or, maybe a locket for a photo for sentimental grandma or some of the latest non-fiction for the history-buff.  Here are a few of the things I’m thinking about this year.

Shopping list:
1.  “Killing Patton” by Bill O’Reilly
2.  “The Innovators” by Walter Isaacson
3.  Sterling silver oval locket
4.  Canvas tote bag
5.  Men’s flannel pajamas
6.  Women’s flannel pajamas
7.  Women’s Osito 2 Jacket
8.  Men’s Denali Jacket
9.  Cally slippers
10.  Ansley slippers
11.  Reindeer plate, Image courtesy of thefrugalnavywife.com
12.  Tips of my toes, Image courtesy of dailyleisure.com