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Color Crush:  Winter White

Color Crush: Winter White

Image courtesy of simplystacie.net
When I think of winter, I think of bright, snowy landscapes.  I imagine ski slopes with a fresh dusting of powder against a beautiful bright sky.  (I do realize that this is often not the reality of winter, which can involve endless gray days and wind chill that seems to freeze you to the core.)
There is something very calming about winter neutrals and I am finding myself drawn to “winter white” in both holiday decor and fashion.  I don’t know if it is because these are the colors actually found in nature in the winter or if it is my rebellious side making up for the “no white after Labor Day” rule that was engrained in my brain as a child, but I am incorporating white into my winter style wherever I can.  Here are some of the ways I am doing it.
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Sources & Shopping List
1.  Felt Ball Wreath
2.  Decorating image courtesy of homebunch.com
3.  Fleur de Lis Stocking Holder
4.  Cashmere Beret & Gloves
5.  Leather Tote
6.  Quilted Down Vest
7.  Tofino Boot