Spring Blooms

Purple Lilacs
Image courtesy of parents.com
When it comes to flowers, I’m a less is more kind of girl.  I like arrangements that involve one color and, when feasible, one type of flower.  (Hence, the gorgeous purple lilacs above.)  I love the simplicity of the look but, let’s face it, I also love that it is easy.  Now that Spring has sprung, I’ve been noticing flowers everywhere.  Here are some of my favorites.  I can’t wait to pull a few looks together this weekend.
Pink Blooms
Image courtesy of theeverdayhome.com
Image courtesy of http://depeppelsfotos.tumblr.com/
Sunset Flowers Image courtesy of Sunset.com
Yellow flowers
Image courtesy of HGTV.com
cherry blossoms
Image courtesy of HGTV.com

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