Weekend Inspiration: On The Hunt For Spring Updates Large and Small

Every year, when we get a hint of spring in San Francisco, I get inspired to refresh my home.  This year is no different.  We have had so many nice days already this year that it feels like it is time for spring.  I want to shed my proverbial skin . . . out with the old, I say.  What does this mean?  It means that I am on the hunt for spring accessories for my home.  But, as usual, I am on a budget.  So, I need a plan.  For me, it is a three-step process.
domino, spring
Image courtesy of dominomag.com
First, I like to figure out what pieces I need.  Pinterest, Instagram, and my favorite blogs/online magazines are my preferred resources.  When I am looking for seasonal updates, I try to find simple, inexpensive accessories that I can easily pack up when I am on to the next season.  Sometimes, it is as easy as finding cooking tools in a new color (Williams Sonoma does a great job of keeping their products current), refreshing my desk accessories (some of my favorites are on Poppin.com), or changing out my living room pillow covers (love the Pillow Studio Shop on Etsy.com).  But, even if I make these small changes, I am usually still looking for something more.
Cavalier; RackedSF
Image courtesy of SF.racked.com.
Next, I like to browse some the stores where I would shop if money were no object.  SF.racked.com has a great list of the  38 “Best” Home Goods Shops in San Francisco.  (Link here.)  Most of the 38 really are the best and I am happy to go back to all of them.  The list also includes a few that I have been wanting to visit and this is the perfect excuse.
Lotus Bleu
Image courtesy of lotusbleudesign.com
Finally, I get down to the business of bargain shopping for one or two statement pieces.  Sometimes I get lucky and find something great on sale (check out Lotus Bleu in Hayes Valley this weekend for a store-wide sale) and other times I rely on DIY or vintage items.  Lucky for me, the Alameda flea market is on this Sunday, so I am hoping there will be some DIY in my future.
I can’t wait for the weekend to begin.  I have a feeling that I might run myself a bit ragged, but it will all be worth it.  What about you?  What are you inspired to do this weekend?