Weekend Inspiration: Catching Up

RD - Arnold Newman

For me, this is a weekend of “catching up.”  Catching up on work, catching up on household chores, catching up with friends, and catching up on things I may have missed.

For example, our house is in need of a “spring” cleaning.  Yes, I realize it is not actually spring, but we are about to tear the place apart and we need to get organized.  (More on this in the coming weeks.)   We could also use a deep cleaning as we prepare for months ahead.  If you feel the same way and are looking for someplace to start, check out this post on Camille Styles about how to deep clean your kitchen.

Another thing I plan to do this weekend is catch up with friends who I haven’t seen a while.  I love catching up with friends over brunch; for a more stylish approach, check out sf.racked.

Finally, the thing I am most interested in doing this weekend is going to the Arnold Newman photography exhibit at the Contemporary Jewish Museum (link here).  I’ve been seeing the flags around the city since the fall and, of course, this is the last weekend it will be open and I haven’t been over yet.  Hopefully I’ll get a chance to check it out before it is gone.

Have a good weekend!

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