Our Favorite Ikea Hacks

We recently moved into a new home and discovered that the furniture from our old house doesn’t quite fit.  Our new place is a little bigger and there are a number of places where we could use a new piece of furniture.  Unfortunately, we do not have an unlimited furniture budget.  So, I have found myself looking for very economical solutions.  Some of the best solutions I have found are DIY IKEA hacks.  There is no doubt that IKEA’s products are budget friendly.  And, while I love clean lines, I sometimes find IKEA’s products to be a little plain.  I have found, however, that through a little customization I can get exactly what I am looking for at a price that I can live with.  Here are some of my favorite ideas.

Office Storage
More details here.
Occasional Tables
ikea, ikea hacks
More details here.
More details here.
Closet Solutions
Ikea, Ikea hacks
Closet solutions here.
Bedroom Storage
Ikea, Ikea hacksHemnes solutions here.
I can’t wait to try these hacks.  And, when I do, I’ll be sure to post the results.

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