Gift List: The Wee Ones

It goes without saying that the littlest ones in my life are the most excited about the holidays.  If your kids are anything like mine, it seems like their desires and preferences change on a minute-by-minute basis.  As a result, when I am doing holiday shopping I look for things that I hope will challenge and grow with my kids.  As preschoolers, they are all about art projects, dress up, pretend play, and outdoor fun.  Here are a few things they have received in the past (and still love) and a few items I’m looking at this year.  Hopefully, all of the toys on this list will stand the test of time.
Shopping List:

1.  Artist’s Portrait Easel
2.  It’s A Draw Art Box
3.  Little Paint Pods Watercolor 
4.  Plasma Car 
5.  Skuut Balance Bike
6.  Nutcase Bike Helmet
7.  Ball Track
8.  Bruder MAN Cement Truck
9.  Bruder MAN Crane Truck
10.  Wooden Kitchen Appliances
11.  Four Food Groups
12.  Retro Kitchen
13.  Pink Tulle Skirt
14.  Dress A Saurus Rex
15.  No Place Like Home Play Cottage
16.  No Place Like Home Rocket Ship