Color Crush: Evergreen

Did you get the memo?  Our favorite fashion blogs have confirmed that green, in every shade and hue, is “it” for fashion this fall and already on the runways for Spring 2015. (See Keep it Chic and Le Catch, among others.)

Apparently top interior designers are keeping up with the latest fashion trend – or maybe it is the other way around (it is a bit of a “chicken and egg” dilemma, isn’t it?).  The result?  Pops of green are everywhere.

Images courtesy of House Beautiful.
Regardless of whether you simply want to test the water, or you are ready to dive in, there is a way incorporate this trend into every home.  Here are a few ideas.  Give them a try; your friends will be green with envy.

(1)  Green Josephine Desk
(2)  Latitude Low Dresser
(3)  Feather Wallpaper
(4)  Campaign Dresser


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